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India is a country with rich heritage which demonstrates the highest integrity of vast diversity of culture, religion and languages. India is one amongst the four early civilised countries in the world which also include the early medical traditions. India is third largest country with buying power in both trade and service industry. Medicaid India proudly locates its presence in Bangalore the Capital city of prominent Indian State Karnataka.

Bangalore is the fastest developing cosmopolitan IT hub of India. Citizens from all over country and expatriates from all over the world live in this city with great harmony and comfort due to the perfect traditional hospitality culture and pleasant climate. Bangalore the capital city of Karnataka is also known for its IT industry, Biotechnology, floriculture, best medical Hospitals and health care Centres. The state is also known for its wide range of scenic destinations of Coastal area, western Ghats and plains of Deccan Plateau. The state of Karnataka is capable of delivering the life facilities to all generations from different geographies of the current world. Bangalore has world class specialized hospitals and experienced doctors catering to all medical needs of the world. The success of medical tourism services has made Bangalore as one of the final destination for all medical and tourism needs. Medicaid India's services will be available at all major cities across India like Chennai, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, Delhi, Mumbai and Calcutta.

Medicaid India provides ethical and transparent medical value tourism services in Bangalore. Medicaid India was started by like-minded senior doctors and hospitality specialists having over 25 years of experience. Medicaid India’s one of main objectives is to provide a transparent and ethical medical value tourism services to all clients around the world. Medicaid India is a one-stop destination which supports advisory services, assistance in determining suitable Hospitals and also extended leisure tourisms in India. Medicaid India allows complete monetary transparency in all the process and secure the expenditure interests of their clients.

Medical Value travel
Medicaid India is well established, service oriented Medial tourism Company. The company’s primary objective is to provide a quality Service and also secure the right value of service expenditures. The services of the company starts from the time the client( patient) arrives in India. this would include every domestic support like transport, accommodation, translator assistance, nursing supports, along with Hospital admission, and an optional tourism to all beautiful destinations in India. The well trained professional assistants would be available all through-out the journey assisting every medical need and domestic support to make the whole journey comfortable in this beautiful country.

Medicaid India understands the challenges and expectations of their patients hence it has customized module which would suit every generation of current global community. Bangalore has emerged as a city having all specialized hospitals, multi-speciality hospitals, Super speciality hospitals equipped with laproscopic, laser, robotic surgical facilities, postoperative care units,diagnostic laboratories and medical engineering industries.

Medicaid India’s customizes and segregates all the finest medical facilities of the city and presents glanceable directory to its patients. Medicaid India has associated with all world class medical institutions and supporting industry to cater exceptional services to their clients. The unique customized approach of Medicaid India facilitates patients from all budgetary backgrounds.

Medicaid India values every little perception of their patients and the whole process of tourism would be customised which suits and correspond Patient’s Will. The Medicaid India’s unique approafch with the associated Hospitals passes the best and highest monetary benefits to its clients and make the travel precisely valuable.

India is the country which is surrounded by the Himalayas, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean and it’s rich culture, heritage, unique style temples, wildlife, sanctuaries etc. Medicaid India extends its services to tour India and enjoy its limitless beautiful tradition. Medicaid India can facilitate the tourism all over India’s beautiful destinations where every traveller could relish heavenly nature and make the entire travel memorable.
Current scenario of Medical tourism in India.
Indian Government has rolled out a reliable governance on healthcare industry. All the hospitals are bound to implement its services within lawful methods. The interest of patient’s confidentiality and service data are well protected with high sensitive care. The directives of medical council had articulated to all registered hospitals and practitioners to regulate professional conduct, etiquette and Ethics. The corporate governance of Hospitals also tries to make sure that their staff and professionals follow and abide all laws and deliver the ethical services to their patients. Despite all efforts in few case scenarios the patients are victimized by unregistered third parties. The unfaithful interest of unrecognized, unprofessional individuals and syndicates has resulted in loss and damage to the travellers.

Medicaid India unique vison eliminates all the risk involved from such syndicates and ensures to guide and protect the right interest of medical tourism. Medicaid India also makes sure to guide the patients with correct and multiple choice of hospitals, doctors, treatment methods, suitable budgets too. Medicaid India’s ‘customer first policy’ permits the patients to choose all facilities at his/her will only.
Medicaid India Transparency policy
Medicaid India emerged to bring the revolutionary change in the services of medical tourism. The concept of Medicaid India is to transfer complete benefit to their clients and uphold the ethical practices of all hospitals and doctors in India. Medicaid India’s transparent policy provides complete transparency in process, cost, partners and procedures involved in this services. Medicaid India has conducted a detailed survey of patients in India and abroad, it has completely understood the endurance of all victims around the world and finally designed and implemented the transparent policy to vanquish all existing and anticipated drawbacks of Medical tourism. Medicaid India allows the service benefits directly to their patients, the policy do not encourage any concealed billing method by any of their partners and hence it transfers direct monetary benefit to their patients. The Transparency policy is competent and allow the patients to compare and choose the presented services by their own will, patients complete satisfaction is our priority hence the service architecture would be designed and delivered by client’s choice only. Medicaid India is the company in India which believes in rendering complete transparency of services to all patients in India and around the world.


Medical Advisory

Medicaid understands the needs and apprehension of patients before undergoing any medical treatment. Medicaid India believes to brace the patient’s emotion and support them by providing multiple advisory at single stop. The Medical advisory is given by the expert Doctors of patient’s choice. The process of availing such advisory would be supported by our professional please contact us for further guidelines on this service. Medical advisory is not an equivalent term to medical consultation.

  • MissionMedicaid India’s mission is to provide organized medical tourism service by maintaining transparency and deliver the cost effective services.
  • VisionMedicaid India’s vision is to be known as a healthcare service provider which completely follows the medical ethics in providing the service to both national and international patients and for the betterment of humanity as a whole with complete transparency.

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