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India is a country with rich heritage which demonstrates the highest integrity of vast diversity of culture, religion and languages. India is one among the four early civilised countries in the world which also includes the early medical traditions. India is third largest country with buying power in both trade and service industry. Medicaid proudly locates its presence in Bangalore the Capital city of prominent Indian State Karnataka.

Bangalore is fastest developing cosmopolitan IT hub of India. Citizens from all over country and expatriates from all over the world live in this city with great harmony and comfort due to the perfect traditional hospitality culture and pleasant climate. Karnataka and capital city Bangalore is also known for its IT industry, Biotechnology, floriculture, best medical Hospitals and health care Centres. The state is also known for its wide range of scenic destinations of Coastal area, western Ghats and plains of Deccan Plateau. The state Karnataka is capable of delivering the life facilities to all generations from different geography of the current world. Bangalore has a world class specialized hospitals and experienced doctors catering all medical needs of the world. The success of medical tourism services has made Bangalore as one of the final destination for all medical and tourism needs.

Medicaid India provides ethical and transparent medical value tourism services in Bangalore. Medicaid India was started by the like-minded senior doctors and hospitality specialists having over 25 years of experience. Medicaid India’s only objective is to provide a transparent and ethical medical value tourism services to all clients around the world. Medicaid India is a one-stop destination which supports advisory services, assistance in determining suitable Hospitals and also extended leisure tourisms in India. Medicaid India allows complete monetary transparency in all the process and secure the expenditure interest of their clients.

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Terms and conditions

Medicaid India is a medical tourism service firm based in India. Medicaid India assists individuals with their effort to become educated about and to identify qualified medical providers with particular regard to medical treatment and recuperation packages for medical destinations including India. Through our medical tourism affiliates around India and world and research we provide information about available medical treatment and recuperation packages to assist you in making an informed decision about medical treatment inside /outside your country.

Medicaid is not a medical service provider, it does not control or operate, or endorse, recommend, or approve any travel agency or healthcare provider listed in the Site or other informative material owned by Medicaid India. We facilitate/ mediate contact/advise and provide information about doctors in India and other destinations, and provide information about their credentials in order for you to make informed decisions. We do not, however, recommend any preferred or specific doctors for your desired medical treatment. We strongly encourage and advise you to discuss all medical issues with your medical doctor before making a decision on medical treatment from place of your origin. Medicaid India assists Client in obtaining Medical Services as provided in this Agreement.

Any instances of delay, improper service failure in default, improper service failure in service in medical centers, hospitals, treating institutions does not hold Medicaid India accountable or liable. Medicaid India is also not responsible for any accident, deficiency. Sickness, injury, damages, discomfort, or any other loss that arises out of faulty service or negligence of the management and medical staff of respective institutions.

The healthcare and treatment provider for the medical tourist would be completely responsible for all the treatments, opinions, advice, and follow up it offers, with Medicaid India not held responsible for the same as well.

Medicaid India also hold no responsibility for any complications, emergencies or medical requirement that may arise during or after treatment of patient’s past or present illness, allergies to drugs and side effects. It is the responsibility of the treating medical institution to handle these issues. Any Complaints regarding the treatment/ service etc. also needs to be made directly to treating doctor/institution. Medicaid India would not represent towards such instances.

Medicaid India will not be accountable for any information that the patient or his/her relative chooses to withhold with regard to past medical history during or after treatment. Medicaid India will also not take accountability for the instances wherein the treating medical institution chooses to not solicit this information from the patient beforehand. In cases where the treating doctor or institution is not competent enough to handle a complication or emergency that arises during or after treatment, the treating institution holds the sole responsibility of seeking advice, calling or referring the patient to another doctor or institution. Medicaid India will not take responsibility for it.

The treating institution will be responsible for appraising the patient or his/her relatives regarding the treatment costs. The institution will also be responsible for getting the patient’s consent for the treatment and payment (either directly or via a medical insurance company) in writing. Medicaid India will not be responsible directly for this process.

Any change in date of scheduled treatments as well as the nature of the treatment or the treating doctor/surgeon/physician is a responsibility undertaken by the treating institution. Medicaid India will have no accountability in this matter.

The patient or his/her relatives/ escorts are solely responsible for reading and understanding the terms and conditions of the treatments and procedures as described in the registration forms/brochures provided by the treating institution before giving their consent. The patient will also be responsible for clarifying all doubts he/she may have before making the booking. Medicaid India will not be responsible for the signing of the registration forms which clearly indicates that the patient or his/her relatives/escorts have fully read and understood the terms and conditions provided by the treating doctors/institutions, and have consented to abide by the same.

Third Parties

All transport, accommodation and medical services or products will be provided to Client by third parties that are independent of Medicaid India Client acknowledges and agrees that Medicaid India does not warrant the products or services (collectively, "Third Party Products and Services") provided by Third Parties. In no event shall Medicaid India, its principals, members, managers, officers, directors, partners, employees, affiliates, successors or assign be liable to Client on account of any claim, cause of action, obligation, damage (including, without limitation, personal injury or death and property damage), liability, loss, cost or expense (collectively, Losses") arising out of or relating to any Third Party Products or Services.

Client has the sole responsibility to check each Third Party's terms and conditions that apply to the goods or services it provides, including any applicable exclusions or limitations of liability imposed by the Third Party, which may exclude or limit liability for delays, property loss or damage, personal injury or death

Disclaimer of all Warranties

Medicaid India does not make and hereby expressly disclaims any and all representations and warranties with respect to its services hereunder and the Third Party Products and Services, including without limitation (i) all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for any particular purpose, (ii) that the Third Party Products and Services will be provided with reasonable care and skill, and (iii) the safety, conditions, standards or other issues that exist at any Third Party's facility or any travel destination, including locations visited in transit.

Client hereby agrees and acknowledges that in the event of any such Losses suffered by Client relating to or arising out of any Third Party Products or Services, Client shall look solely to the Third Party that provided such Third Party Product or Service for any applicable remedy or compensation and not to Medicaid India.

Client hereby agrees that Medicaid India shall not have any liability for any indirect special, punitive, incidental or consequential damages of any kind whether alleged as a breach of contract or tortuous conduct, including negligence.

In addition to the exclusions from liability set forth above, Client hereby agrees that Medicaid India shall not be liable to Client for any actions or omissions of Medicaid India, except for actions or omissions that constitute gross negligence or willful misconduct.

Force Major

The obligations of Medicaid India to perform under this Agreement shall be excused during each period of delay caused by matters such as strikes, riot, explosion, war, fire, flood, earthquake, tsunami, sabotage, terrorist attack, accident to or failure of machinery or equipment or industrial action, shortages or power or raw material breakdown or unavailability of fuel, labor, or transport facilities, accidents of navigation or breakdown or damage to vessels or other conveyances, other abnormal impediments to transportation, government orders, acts of God, or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Medicaid India.

Client Acknowledgments

Client acknowledges that any and all medical advice, procedures, care or other Medical Services may involve significant risks. Such risks include, without limitation, incorrect medical advice, unsuccessful medical procedures, inadequate medical care, medical malpractice and personal injury or side effects. Client acknowledges that Medicaid India shall not be obligated to provide or arrange for any legal advice or legal representation for Client as part of Medicaid India services hereunder. It is Client's responsibility to respect the laws and customs of the country of destination or a country visited in transit.

Client Representations and Warranties

Client warrants and represents to Medicaid India as follows:

  • (a) Client has received, or been advised by Medicaid India to receive, independent medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner regarding the Medical Services;
  • (b) Medicaid India has not given Client any advice or opinion that a reasonable person would interpret as medical opinion or medical advice (including but not limited to advice regarding health risks or side effects);

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